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Application : Candy

Glucose Syrup
In the production of candy, the use of glucose syrup creates a product with a uniform texture and a shiny surface. It also creates and strengthens the flavor and increases the shelf life of the product and prevents it from sticking to the packaging or hands.
Addition of maltodextrin improves texture and crispiness, reduces caramelization, reduces viscosity, quick gel formation, creates transparency, and forms transparent and appetizing films for candy coating.
Dextrose monohydrate and powdered anhydrous
Part of the sucrose in the candies formulation can be replaced with dextrose or glucose syrup. In this case, achieving the desired percentage of dry matter in the product is easier without the sweetness of the product exceeding the permitted or usual limit. At the same time, the tendency of crystallization (sugaring) in the product is reduced. It is used to create coating and hardening and tensile strength and polishing candy. Also, replacing sucrose with dextrose stabilizes the natural taste of candy fruits, which is a very significant point.