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Dextrose syrup is colorless and transparent and is produced from two-step hydrolysis (enzyme-enzyme) of corn starch to the equivalent of 95 dextrose equivalents, and its constituent sugars include 95% glucose, 5% maltose and other sugars. The concentration based on dry matter is 71%. Compared to other glucose syrups, this syrup has more sweetness and less viscosity. Liquid dextrose syrups are available with 50 and 65% brix.
Dairy industry, bakery industry (cakes, cookies, biscuits), soft drinks and beverages industry, industry meat products, fermentation industries (alcohol, vinegar, yeast, acetic acid), jam, animal feed, construction materials, Production of food and pharmaceutical dextrose crystals and the pharmaceutical industry (medicinal syrups, serum)
  • Clear syrup
  • Top candy
  • Low viscosity
  • Low amount of salts and ash
  • Create Brix
  • Create desired sweets
  • Crystallization control
  • Energy source for fermentation
  • Improving the aroma, taste and texture of fermented products
  • viscosity control, humidity, sweetness, color strengthening and stabilization
  • Strengthening and maintaining the microbial stability of products due to high osmotic pressure
Maintenance Conditions
  • Keep above 50 degrees Celsius, otherwise it will crystallize.
Product durability
  • The recommended usage period is 1 month after production.

Types of packaging :

Technical Specifications
dextrose syrup
appearance state Clear liquid
grid Food
DE dextrose equivalent 94 – 96
BRICS 64 – 66
PH 3 – 5
Sulphated ash (percentage) Maximum 0.7

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