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Gluten is a liquid extract that is obtained by soaking corn in water and metabisulfite of food grade sodium, and this brown liquid contains most of the valuable substances of corn solution (sugar, starch, protein, etc.) This product is rich in organic nitrogen. Half of the nitrogen in it are free amino acids and the rest are peptides and low molecular weight proteins. It is also a rich source of various minerals and vitamins and can meet the nutritional goals of livestock and poultry diets. The dry matter of diluted steeping water is 5-10%, which is concentrated to 45-50% of dry matter. The best way to use it is in liquid form. It can be consumed pure or with molasses and as TMR. As a result, the final solution will have high energy, protein and sugar. Liquid gluten is used in monogastric ruminants and laying and meat poultry.
Livestock and poultry feed, use in industrial microbiology, production of baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), antibiotic penicillin and ethanol, as a source of nitrogen in the production of various fermentation products (such as acids Amino and organic acids), supplement for the production of fermented products, bioethanol, organic fertilizers
  • acidic pH
  • Concentrated liquid
  • Light to dark brown color
  • dry matter at least 40-45%
  • Desirable amount of protein and starch
  • Reduce lag pairs
  • Increasing ovulation
  • Regulation of estrus in animals
  • Easy and hygienic transportation
  • Reducing animal feed production costs
  • Increasing milk production and improving livestock performance
  • providing protein, minerals and energy needed by livestock
  • Very high absorption and increased efficiency in milk and meat production
  • high transit protein suitable for feeding ruminants
  • Increasing the number of eggs and improving their quality in chickens and turkeys
  • Prevention of animal diarrhea due to the absence of high sodium in liquid gluten ash
  • Increasing the growth and weight of broiler chickens due to the presence of growth-stimulating mineral elements
  • Increasing liver and spleen weight in broiler chickens, increasing immunity and disease resistance
  • Relative reduction of gizzard weight in broilers due to high feed digestibility
  • Due to the strength of adhesion, preventing dustiness and preventing the powdering of the feed and uniformity in the ration
  • Increasing egg shell strength and yolk weight in case of replacing the diet containing soybean meal with liquid gluten up to 10% level
Maintenance Conditions
  • Keep in a dry, cool and clean environment. Due to the high amount of solid matter (protein and starch), it is likely to settle.
Product durability
  • The recommended usage period is 1 month after production.

Types of packaging :

Technical Specifications
liquid gluten
appearance state Light to dark brown
Percent by weight of dry matter 40 – 45
Minimum weight percentage of crude protein %40 – 42
weight percentage of fiber %1
PH 3.5 – 4

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