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Dextrose Anhydrate is also known as “Dextrose Anhydrous” or “Corn Anhydrous Sugar” or “Sugar Anhydrous”. Dextrose Anhydrate is D-Glucose-α crystallized from the enzymatic hydrolysis of corn starch, whose sweetening power is 76% of sucrose. The chemical formula of the above product is C6H12O6. Compared to dextrose monohydrate, this product has a low natural water content and thus offers excellent stability. It has a melting point of 146 degrees Celsius, a density of 1.652 g/cm3 and is soluble in cold water. It has a glycemic index of 100%. It is in the form of white crystalline powder. It has food-pharmaceutical and injectable grade. Anhydrous dextrose can be used in various industries including: food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, agriculture/animal feed and various other industries.
Pharmaceutical user
As a filler, diluent and binder for tablets, capsules and sachets, as Injectable aid / vaccine adjuvant, in cell culture, ORS powder, renal hemodialysis serums, various chewable tablets, tablets Boiling, as a “carrier” for vitamin C and other molecules, in sorbitol production, glucose tolerance test (GTT), industries Pharmaceutical serum production, production of medicinal syrups and all kinds of powder and liquid supplements, in the veterinary industry as a buffer. Veterinary medicine and nutritional supplement in agriculture / animal feed / poultry such as pet food
  • Top candy
  • White and odorless powder
  • Low amount of salts and ash
  • High purity (99.9% purity)
  • Pure D-glucose without crystal water
  • Free from any microorganisms and endotoxin
  • Setting the sweetness of pharmaceutical products
  • Increased blood sugar level due to direct absorption
  • Due to the high rate of absorption of dextrose, it is suitable for the production of energy products. (for athletes)
Maintenance Conditions
  • Keep in a dry, cool, clean environment and at room temperature.
Product durability
  • The recommended usage period is 1 year after production.

Types of packaging :

Technical Specifications
Dextrose anhydrous medicinal powder
appearance state white powder
grid Drug
Water ≤%1
HPLC purity %97.5 – 102
Heavy metals (total) ≤5PPM
electrical guidance ≤20us/cm
PH solution 5% by weight by volume 3.20 – 6.50

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