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Dextrose Anhydrate is also known as “Dextrose Anhydrous” or “Corn Anhydrous Sugar” or “Sugar Anhydrous”. Dextrose Anhydrate is D-Glucose-α crystallized from the enzymatic hydrolysis of corn starch, whose sweetening power is 76% of sucrose. The chemical formula of the above product is C6H12O6. Compared to dextrose monohydrate, this product has a low natural water content and thus offers excellent stability. It has a melting point of 146 degrees Celsius, a density of 1.652 g/cm3 and is soluble in cold water. It has a glycemic index of 100%. It is in the form of white crystalline powder. It has food-pharmaceutical and injectable grade. Anhydrous dextrose can be used in various industries including: food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, agriculture/animal feed and various other industries.
In the serum industry, renal hemodialysis serums, sugar serums, sugar-salt serums
  • White and odorless powder
  • Top candy
  • Low amount of salts and ash
  • High purity (99.9% purity)
  • Pure D-glucose without crystal water
  • Free from any microorganisms and endotoxin
  • regulation of blood sugar and osmotic pressure
  • Increased blood sugar level due to direct absorption
  • Due to the high rate of absorption of dextrose, suitable for people with hypoglycemia
  • Due to the substitution of anhydrous dextrose instead of lactose, it can be used for people with lactose intolerance
Maintenance Conditions
  • Keep in a dry, cool, clean environment and at room temperature.
Product durability
  • The recommended usage period is 1 year after production.

Types of packaging :

Technical Specifications
Dextrose Anhydrous Injectable Powder
appearance state white powder
grid Injection
Water ≤%1
HPLC purity %97.5 – 102
Heavy metals (total) ≤5PPM
electrical guidance ≤20us/cm
PH solution 5% by weight by volume 3.20 – 6.50

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