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Dextrose is the simple name given to crystalline D-glucose. It is a monosaccharide sugar and contains a molecule of water of crystallization. Dextrose is produced by enzyme-enzyme hydrolysis of starch (usually corn starch). Powdered dextrose crystals are colorless and transparent and have a mild and sweet taste. Compared to sucrose, it has 65-70% sweetness. The concentration based on dry matter is 71%. It is used in various food and medicine industries. The viscosity of its solution is much lower than that of liquid glucose. It is readily soluble in water at room temperature as well as in boiling alcohol. The dissolution of dextrose crystals is heat-absorbing and therefore creates a cold and cool feeling in the mouth. Dextrose is available as monohydrate and without water (anhydrate).
Pharmaceutical user
To provide side benefits and API Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient is used As an excipient, it is an isotonic agent, and as an API it can act as a source Carbohydrate and an osmotic agent should be used. These advantages in injection applications including injection in large volume, complete nutrition Injectable and Rx excipients are possible. In dialysis, it can be used as an osmotic agent for hemodialysis and dialysis Peritoneal (renal hemodialysis sera) used.
  • Top candy
  • Low humidity
  • High clearance
  • Colorless and odorless powder
  • Low amount of salts and ash
  • Calorie value: 3.64 kcal per gram
  • osmotic agent
  • Safe for consumption
  • Longer durability
  • As a synergist agent
  • regulation of blood sugar and osmotic pressure
  • Increased blood sugar level due to direct absorption
  • Due to the high rate of absorption of dextrose, suitable for people with hypoglycemia
  • Due to the substitution of anhydrous dextrose instead of lactose, it can be used for people with lactose intolerance
Maintenance Conditions
  • Keep in a dry, cool, clean environment and at room temperature.
Product durability
  • The recommended usage period is 1 year after production.

Types of packaging :

Technical Specifications
Dextrose monohydrate injectable powder
appearance state white powder
grid Injection
Water ≤7.5 – 9.5
HPLC purity %97.5 – 102
Heavy metals (total) ≤5PPM
electrical guidance ≤20us/cm
PH solution 5% by weight by volume 3.20 – 6.50

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