Research & Development,
Golshehd believes in product-oriented strategies in business, with the aim of meeting the current and future needs of customers. Also, in line with lean production and greater economic productivity and energy saving, it is trying to create innovation and use new knowledge and technologies while maintaining and improving quality. In addition, there is a strong commitment to preserving the environment, contributing to human health in the background of the research and development studies of this collection.
Work mission
Work mission :
The main activities of the research and development department as an integral part of Golshahd’s vision and strategy are :
  • Design and development of new products
  • Development of products based on customer needs and expectations
  • Decision-making and policy-making based on scientific and reliable documentation
  •  Discovering and understanding market opportunities and needs in cooperation with the sales department
  • Research in order to improve product quality and reduce production waste
  • Creating a suitable platform for the use of expert skill in order to advance the goals
  • Analyzing the company’s around/external environment and ecosystem to develop business strategies
  • The relationship between industry and university in order to optimally use the potential of both in order to improve and develop
  • Identifying the current and future needs of customers and planning to meet them in cooperation with the sales department
  • Creating a suitable platform for supporting research projects and trying to distribute the necessary facilities fairly
  • Presenting new ideas and new thinking, research, generating new knowledge in order to develop products and optimize processes
  • Identify methods to increase competitiveness in domestic and foreign areas and active presence in global markets
  • Supporting the reduction of imports with domestic production by producing new innovative and value-added products that do not exist in Iran
The research and development department of Golshahd, with its trained and experienced specialists and the most up-to-date bases and laboratory equipment and research software, has successfully completed many projects, as a result of research and development activities, have opened the doors of new markets to Golshahd. In this regard, many research projects are being implemented. Golshahd researchers are conducting joint projects with universities, government institutions and various research institutes, both inside and outside the country, because we believe that joint projects increase research and development performance and provide new insights. Tomorrow means an easier and healthier life, and for this reason Golshahd increases the share of research and development costs in the total financial turnover every year. In this regard, Golshahd has continuously expanded its product portfolio with the aim of creating the best nutrition for humans and developing products with better performance for non-food industries.
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You can share your criticisms and suggestions about research and development and related proposed research projects with us. A message sent to R&D management is never passed on to third parties outside the organization.

Research and Development Manager

Dr. Mandana Alipour
Contact phone: 0913 3039732