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Corn grain protein is “zein” which is known and sold in the industry with the general name “gluten”. Zein protein is a by-product of the corn wet milling process, which is in powder form and contains at least 58-60% of raw protein. The amino acids of this product, such as methionine, leucine, isoleucine, valine and phenylalanine, with a digestibility of over 80%, have a significant effect on the balance of amino acids in the diet and the growth and development of animal body tissues. As an excellent source of natural pigments carotene and xanthophyll (mg/kg DM 500 to 200), it can be effective in improving egg yolk color in laying poultry and strengthening the tissue of the reproductive system of livestock. Its metabolic energy is 4131 kcal/kg of dry matter. The protein in commercial corn gluten powder is 10 times the protein of grain corn, and due to processing during the process of separating from corn grain, the amount of protein consumed in the diet can be reduced and at the same time, productivity can be increased. This product is one of the best sources of protein to add to animal feed (especially dairy cows), poultry and aquatic animals, and plays an essential role in the formation of animal and poultry protein tissue. Corn gluten raw protein (a source rich in methionine and cysteine) can be used in combination with soybean meal, which is rich in lysine and tryptophan, as a suitable source of amino acids in animal and poultry feed.
For livestock, poultry and aquatic feed
  • Low humidity
  • Good storage capacity
  • Yellow to orange granules
  • High protein (at least 58-60%)
  • The palatability of the product
  • Rich source of carotene and xanthophyll as precursor of vitamin A
  • Improve Livestock Fertility
  • High maintainability compared to other similar resources
  • Increasing production and percentage of milk fat in dairy cows
  • Effective in the growth and development of livestock and poultry tissues (suitable for animal breeding)
  • Decreasing the cost of providing animal feed compared to sources like fish meal
  • Gluten Total Metabolism Energy and Very High Digestible Nutrients (TDN)
  • Egg yolk color improvement as an excellent source of carotene and xanthophyll (20 times the pigment found in grain corn and 1.5 times the pigment found in alfalfa)
Maintenance Conditions
  • Keep in a dry, clean environment and at room temperature.
Product durability
  • The recommended usage period is 6 months after production.

Types of packaging :

Technical Specifications
corn protein, zein (gluten)
appearance state Yellow to brown seed
minimum percentage by weight of moisture %10
Minimum weight percentage of crude protein %55
Maximum weight percentage of raw fiber %10
Maximum weight percentage of total ash %3
The amount of urea (mg/kg) Negative

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