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Our reputation is due to consistently and continuously providing the highest quality products and services to our customers. That is why they trust us and have not left us alone in business and work for more than 30 years. Our goal in Golshahd is to strive to preserve and care for the environment, to support the consumer, to follow national and international and ethical regulations in order to produce products of higher quality than the standard.

Quality Policy
Quality Policy : Grain Processing Refinery under the Golshahd brand, as one of the largest and most reliable companies producing starch, maltodextrin, sugar syrups (glucose, maltose, dextrose) and by-products of corn refining such as livestock, poultry and aquatic inputs in Iran, in the direction of Creating an excellent organization, following the process of sustainable development and organizational values, while respecting the needs and expectations of all interested parties in line with the main goal of the organization; Achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, maintaining the health of society and the environment, along with complying with legal requirements and regulations, with an efficient infrastructure and hardworking and committed employees, in order to take advantage of modern management systems and maintain a superior position, establish ISO9001:2015 quality management system, HACCP food safety management system, GMP , ISO22000:2018 and has put the following key goals at the forefront of the continuous improvement process of the organization and directs all its actions in line with the strategic goals of the company. In this regard, it declares its product quality, health and safety policy and customer orientation as follows:
  • Commitment to the complex and development of the “Golshahd” brand as the most valuable intangible asset, by complying with legal requirements in the process of producing and presenting new products
  • Maintaining and improving the level of quality, health and safety of the company’s products by ensuring compliance with standards and requirements
  • Giving priority to maintaining and continuously improving quality and processes, health and safety of products, environment, energy performance and occupational safety and health at all levels of the company and supply chain
  • Standardization and continuous improvement of the current processes of the organization in order to produce productively through innovation in processes and systematic audits and to become a process-oriented, agile and knowledge-based company in order to increase productivity
  • Establishing the research and development system in the entire organization in order to improve quality, innovation in the design and production of new products, the required modifications in the product, processes and other parts
  • Establishment and use of new management systems and tools, support, appropriate guidance and macro supervision of their implementation.
  • Productivity management through cost control, increasing the efficiency of machines, equipment and personnel, reducing waste and adjusting energy consumption.
  • Development of incentive systems and establishment of effective intra-organizational and extra-organizational suggestions and communication systems, in order to create culture and public participation for continuous improvement and effectiveness of the integrated management system.
  • Establishing continuous communication for the purpose of customer orientation through receiving opinions and suggestions of consumers and improving the quality of products and creating innovations
  • Communicating effectively about food health and safety issues with all interested parties related to the food chain As stated in this article, you can browse your selection of available deals on smartphones and top brands and explore the cell phone service plans that best suit your needs.
  • Identifying all the stakeholders of the organization; determining, monitoring and revising their requirements and information; Determining the risks and opportunities related to these requirements and taking the necessary measures to control the resulting consequences
  • Improving the level of knowledge, skill and development of human resources as the most valuable assets of the organization
  • Developing the market and increasing the variety of products in order to meet the ever-increasing needs of customers and increase the ability to compete with domestic and foreign competitors.
  • Implementation and maintenance of legal requirements, regular and continuous planning and action in order to increase the ability to identify, control and contain environmental aspects and consequences and optimal use of renewable resources and energies
  • Achieving a safe and healthy work environment for employees in order to prevent injury and illness by eliminating or reducing harmful factors
The management of Golshahd Naqsh-e Jahan Grain Processing Refinery, while committing to continuous improvement of quality management systems and food safety management and meeting its practical requirements and providing the necessary resources, called all employees to cooperate, empathize and think in the direction of achieving the high goals of the company. This policy will be made available to all stakeholders in order to maintain its usefulness for the purposes of the organization and will be reviewed annually.
Quality control laboratory

Our goal is to maintain and improve the safe and reliable production of products through the implementation and compliance of factory, national, international, Codex and food safety regulations approved by the Food and Drug Organization in order to meet the expectations of customers and stakeholders at the highest level.

The laboratory department of the company as an independent section that is continuously serving the production, quality control and research and development unit by having expert, experienced staff as well as using modern laboratory equipment and world standards to It is continuously evaluating the raw materials, semi-finished materials during the process and the finished product in order to produce a product that conforms to the definitions of national and international standards that can meet the needs and satisfaction of our dear customers.

  • Chemistry laboratory
  • Microbiology laboratory

Communication path

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You can share your criticisms and suggestions about quality, food safety and business rules??? with us. A message sent to quality management and never passed on to third parties outside the organization.

Quality control and laboratory manager

Engineer Mahmoud Abdulahi

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