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Application : Canned Food

Maltodextrin Powder
Maltodextrin in canned foods increases viscosity and creates a suitable consistency, increases mouthfeel, stabilizes, gives volume and creates a mild taste with minimal sweetness.
Glucose Syrups
In canned fruits, glucose syrups are used due to the adjustment of sweetness and increase of gloss. Frozen fruits in glucose syrup will have a better texture after defrosting.
Dextrose Monohydrate Powder
In the canning industry, dextrose monohydrate; It provides sweetness, body and gloss to fruits, improves texture and increases taste. It also helps to maintain the natural color better and is very effective in inhibiting microbial spoilage in canned goods and meat products.
Maltose Syrup
Maltose syrup with low dextrose content is essential for use in these products.