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Application : Chocolate

Glucose Syrup
In the preparation of chocolate, the use of glucose syrup creates a uniform and suitable texture, improves the mouthfeel, and also controls the humidity and preserves the freshness of the product.
Dextrose Monohydrate Powder
Dextrose can have the same effect as invert sugar on the relative vapor pressure. Also, by increasing the volume of proteins, it causes tissue softness and viscosity reduction. Due to its effect on the texture of the product, dextrose reduces the viscosity and therefore increases the softness and flexibility of the product. Dextrose adjusts the amount of sweetness and aw and improves the quality of chocolates.
Dextrose Anhydrous Powder
50% of the amount of sucrose in chocolate formulations can be easily replaced with anhydrous dextrose without causing problems in the taste or viscosity of chocolate. The melting properties of chocolates made with dextrose anhydrous are quite similar to those made with sucrose. Anhydrous dextrose is a suitable substance for the production of products in which the presence of water is prohibited or must be minimal (products that must be dry) such as chocolate and chocolate compounds, etc. The beneficial effect in optimizing the price of chocolate formulation, creating sweetness and a favorable mouthfeel in the final product, and the easy production process using conventional and traditional equipment, creating excellent textural and appearance characteristics in terms of smoothness and glossiness have led to the widespread use of dextrose anhydrous in the chocolate industry.
Maltodextrin Powder
Addition of maltodextrin improves texture and crispness, reduces caramelization, reduces viscosity, quick gel formation, creates transparency, and forms transparent and appetizing films for chocolate coating.