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Application : Fondant and Creams

These confectionery products have sugar in two phases. Fondant and cream are similar in composition, except that creams have higher moisture and glucose syrup. The composition of fondant and cream is different in terms of the ratio of glucose and sucrose in fondant 85:15 and in cream 70:30. Glucose syrup with DE=42 is used, and if you use glucose syrup with higher DE around 60-65, the texture will be softer. Glucose syrup, while giving shine to the product, causes mild sweetness, improves viscosity and preserves moisture and prevents crystallization. It also increases the shelf life of the product and prevents the texture from hardening during storage.
Dextrose Monohydrate Powder
Dextrose monohydrate can partially replace sucrose in fondants and cream fillings where fine crystals are required for uniform texture. It is possible to produce dextrose fondant that does not contain more than 20% sucrose in its formulation (dextrose fondant). This product creates an extremely soft texture and a favorable cooling effect when eating. In the case that the fondant contains 7% less solid matter than traditional fondants, it is completely stable from a microbiological point of view. In terms of economic savings, dextrose fondant components can be produced without boiling the components and without special fondant machines.
Maltodextrin Powder
Mixing maltodextrin and sugar powder can be used to prepare instant fondant and avoid the usual equipment for making fondant.