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Application : Marshmallow

Glucose Syrup
Glucose syrups are used to create the right moisture level, obtain the right volume (by easily introducing air into the product structure during stirring), and as a result, the bubble structure is durable and the foam structure is resistant. Also, glucose syrup prevents marshmallows from drying, hydrolysis and sticking to teeth.
Powdered Glucose
In the marshmallow formulation, up to 15% of the weight of egg albumin can be replaced with glucose syrup powder without changing the quality and process characteristics.
Maltodextrin Syrup
Syrups with high maltose are used in marshmallow production due to their low viscosity and properties of maintaining moisture and preventing the crystallization of sucrose.
Dextrose Monohydrate and Powdered Anhydrous
Dextrose monohydrate plays a useful and important role in the confectionery industry by controlling the sweetness, softness and crystallization of sweets and other foods. Dextrose has almost the same effect as invert sugar on relative vapor pressure. In addition, due to the effect it has on the texture of the product, it reduces the amount of viscosity and thus increases the softness and flexibility of the product.