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Application : Paper Making

Corn starch is one of the most important components in many types of paper. It is used as a bonding agent, surface polishing and adhesive (sheet making). It is also used in deep and surface molding in the paper industry. It increases the power of paper, hides the surface lint and increases the strength, hardness and resistance of paper. It also increases the appearance of the paper and its ability to prevent the spread and penetration of ink around and creates a solid surface for writing and printing and prepares the paper for subsequent coatings. Corn starch improves writing and printing properties on papers such as bonds, documents and envelopes, tables, etc. It is used in the preparation of yearbooks to increase surface characteristics such as wear resistance and printability. To prepare the bleaching solution in paper mills, raw corn starch is modified by enzyme, heat or thermochemical methods (use of an oxidizing agent and heat) to prepare the desired starch. In general, the use of this material in the paper industry has positive results: Good print quality, low water absorption Appropriate adhesion of layers • Biodegradability of used glue • Product quality improvement