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Application : Powdered Food

In instant dry mixes such as puddings, desserts, soups, broths, sauces and sauce bases, starch hydrates, thickens, and creates a uniform and creamy texture. Coarse-sized dried starch and agglomerated spray-dried starch improve spreadability, but this spreadability is not possible if the starch is mixed with sugar or other non-moisturizing substances. Derived waxy corn starch is used in the soup mix. If hot water is to be added to the product, pregel starch can be used in instant soup. Pre-gel starch ensures stability of taste and better consistency in the final product.
Maltodextrin Powder
maltodextrins; Powders with low moisture absorption characteristics and good solubility can be easily used in many powdered food formulations such as instant soup, cake powder and instant dessert as an auxiliary agent to optimize the dissolution rate in soups and sauces, and when these products are dissolved in water, maltodextrin increases creaminess, consistency (viscosity), improves texture and mouthfeel, and acts as a carrier for flavors. Maltodextrins are very stable against mechanical damage during mixing. It reduces the formation of dust during production. Its high dispersibility makes it act as a dispersant when added to water or milk, increasing the spreadability of the powder in the liquid environment and dissolving the powdered drink quickly.
Dextrose Monohydrate and Powdered Anhydrous
Dextrose can be used in a wide range of ready mixes such as cake powders, mix sauces, dessert powders and toppings (food and cake). Dextrose can be used as a dispersion supplement, bulking agent, carrier or sweetener in these products.
Powdered Glucose
It is common to use glucose powder in fruit powder and drinks as well as some spices as a carrier and to improve solubility.