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Application : Sports Drinks

Maltodextrin Powder
Because maltodextrins are high in soluble carbohydrates, they can be used in sports drinks to provide a slow but steady release of energy. Due to the high molecular weight of maltodextrins, an increase in carbohydrate availability is possible with only a very small increase in the osmolality of the drink.
Dextrose Monohydrate and Powdered Anhydrous
Due to the rapid absorption of dextrose in the small intestine, dextrose plays an important role in the production of sports energy drinks and other products that produce a lot of energy. Also, due to its replacement with lactose, it can be used in beverage products for lactose intolerance patients, which is a very prominent advantage. If the replacement amount of dextrose with sucrose is high (more than 50%), it can create a noticeable cooling sensation in the product, which is attractive in the case of some drinks.