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Application : Spreads

Maltodextrin Powder Low DE
The high viscosity of maltodextrins along with their mild taste means that they can be successfully used in spreads (breakfast creams, meat pates and frostings). The high viscosity of maltodextrin acts as an emulsion stabilizer, while the mild taste of maltodextrin does not affect the taste of the spread. As the fat content of the spreads decreases, thickening of the aqueous phase is required to stabilize the system. For this purpose, the use of maltodextrin with low DE with the characteristic of gel formation is required and very beneficial. Since the gel is spreadable, maltodextrins with low DE are widely used as fat substitutes in these products. They can be added as a dry powder or as a pre-formed gel to increase textural properties during processing. The concentration used is considered in such a way that together with water and other stabilizing compounds in the formulation, the formation of gel in the final product is guaranteed.