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Application : Starch Glue

Corn Starch
In the carton industry, starch is used as an adhesive. Starch glue consists of four main components. A mixture of starch, baking soda, borax and water in a thin paste of cooked starch. Due to their cellulosic origin, starch-based adhesives provide good adhesion to paper and wood, and since starch adhesive is not thermoplastic, it has good heat resistance. Most types of paper are bonded to each other or to other materials for use in packaging industries as well as for use in labels. Also, the cardboard sheet consists of a layer of smooth paper and corrugated paper, which are connected to each other by starch glue. Often, the main composition of these adhesives used in forming the bond is starch or modified starch. These adhesives are used to make various boxes in packaging operations. This glue should have high adhesion, no brittleness in the sheet and stable viscosity during the process. The set of these characteristics is provided by the glue produced from corn starch.