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Application : Tart Pie

Baked foods contain added starch as a functional ingredient (eg in moist cake formulas, glazes and fillings). Pregelatinized (pregelatinized) starch is used in the cake mix to soften the texture of the cake and maintain moisture in baked products. Pregelatinized starch is used in cookies to control spreadability. Film-forming starches are added to the glaze mixture to create an attractive coating, moisture barrier and reduce adhesion. The starches used include dextrins, hydrolyzed and stabilized starch, and maltodextrins. Starches are used to stabilize and thicken fruit and cream fillings in pies and tarts. They also provide resistance to boiling temperature during cooking and resistance to moisture return during distribution. Highly stabilized waxy corn starch products are used for fruit fillings. Relatively large amounts of cross-linked starch are required for low pH fillings and where there is shear force in the blocks with the scraper mixer. Sometimes, to avoid the costs of heating and cooling the fillings, starch derived from the perigel is used. Cornstarch is used to coat fruit in pies, tarts, and other desserts before baking. A thin layer consisting of a mixture of corn starch and fruit juice is used, which thickens during cooking, and this layer makes pies and other desserts not have a watery or juicy texture.