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The opening of the wastewater treatment plant of Golshed grain refinery in 2021

Study time : 7 minutes Publication date : 2022/06/07

Golshad Naqsh Jahan Industrial Company opened the first phase of its industrial wastewater treatment plant.

Golshehd Naqsh Jahan Industrial Company, active in the field of grain processing refinery, with the help of Almighty God and the support of expert and skilled manpower, by creating process-oriented thinking, in line with its social responsibility, has taken a big step towards improving the performance of the environment, safety, occupational health and employee health. For this purpose, it has established the HSE management system at the company level and considers itself bound and committed to the following principles:

The commitment and commitment of all employees to create a safe and healthy environment and in line with the preservation of the environment
Commitment to identify and control health and safety risks and environmental aspects
Targeted and practical training of employees for the continuous improvement of all company processes and activities and the development of teamwork
Reducing and preventing environmental pollution and producing environmentally friendly products and complying with legal requirements
Satisfying the stakeholders in the field of HSE

The opening ceremony of the modern industrial wastewater treatment plant produced by Golshad Grain Refinery was opened in June 2021 with the presence of the honorable managers of the Isfahan Province Governorate and the managers of the General Environment Department of the province as well as the managers of the province and the city.

Golshad wastewater treatment plant project with a credit amounting to 450 billion rials and a capacity of 1200 cubic meters per day in an area of 11160 square meters was put into operation. The design, supervision and implementation of this project has been done by 5 executive consulting companies of the treatment plant, including experts in the treatment plant and water, civil engineering, mechanics and electricity and with the most advanced equipment standards.

The second phase of the Golshad Grain Refinery wastewater treatment plant project is the treatment and recycling of human waste with a capacity of 50 cubic meters, which was put into operation in 2022, and the treated water is used for green spaces.

In the sewage treatment plant of the human sewage production and treatment lines, the sewage treated by aerobic, anaerobic and activated sludge methods with a COD value below 120 is used for the agriculture of the surrounding lands.

Golshad Grain Refinery believes that the development of the industry is possible only by observing environmental issues.

آخرین اخبار
Determining the Board of Directors of the Association of Employers of Grain Processing Refinery Producers
انجمن صنفی گلشهد

Study time : 7 minutes Publication date : 2022/07/06

Meeting of the Annual Ordinary General Assembly of the Employers' Association of Grain Processing Refinery Producers

On August 6, 1401, a meeting was held with the presence of the honorable representative of the Ministry of Labor, Cooperation and Welfare and the managers of the country’s grain refineries in order to determine the main and alternate members of the board of directors of the employers’ association of grain processing refinery producers.

In this meeting, after the presentation of the performance reports of the board of directors and financial reports, the election of the board of directors was held.

After the voting, Mr. Mehdi Amini was elected as the president of the association, Kamaluddin Bayrami as the vice president, Mohammad Behru as the treasurer, Seyyed Mohammad Taqi Naqvi and Hamidreza Delavari as the main members of the board of directors and Mojtaba Jafar Pisheh as the alternate member of the board of directors and these people will be active in this position for 3 years.

Participation in the 29th Agrofood Exhibition in 2022
نمایشگاه آگروفود

Study time : 7 minutes Publication date : 2022/06/07

Golshad Naqsh Jahan Industrial Company participated in one of the most important exhibitions in the Middle East.

The 29th international exhibition of agricultural, food, machinery and related industries – Iran Agrofood 2022 was held from 27 to 30 June 2022 with the permission of Iran Trade Development Organization and with the cooperation of Iran International Exhibitions Joint Stock Company at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions.

This exhibition is one of the most important exhibitions of food and related industries in the Middle East, which is welcomed by domestic and foreign companies and visitors.

Golshad Grain Refinery has also participated in the 29th International Agrofood Exhibition as one of the 6 grain refineries.

Golshad Naqsh Jahan Industrial Company was selected as one of the 10 leading industries in 2022

Study time : 7 minutes Publication date : 2022/06/07

Golshad Naqsh Jahan Industrial Company was selected as one of the 10 leading industries in 1401.

The national conference of leading industries was held on Sunday, June 22, 2022, until Monday, June 23, by the Association of Industry Managers, and ended with the announcement of 10 leading managers of the country.

Energy efficiency, competitiveness strategies, new methods of financing and human wealth are 4 challenging keywords facing companies, especially companies active in advanced and knowledge-based industries.

Various reports of international study institutions show that these four axes are the most key obstacles to growth among the existing obstacles on the way to the development of industries, which include all stages of the production cycle until the sale of the product.

Industries in today’s world, regardless of the need to have components such as innovation, high level of technology, education, high added value, the need to invest in research and development sectors, are obliged to increase productivity in the above four axes.

Masoud Jamali, the Secretary General of the National Conference of Leading Industries, said: “Supporting the national manufacturing industry, which has been approved by the government, officials and experts for years, is of double importance in these difficult economic conditions.”

The general secretary of the leading industries conference pointed out: In order to express the importance of this issue, we decided to hold an event to appreciate leading managers in domestic industries in the two-day conference of leading industries, during which we will pay attention to the top managers of this field who have always moved forward in their economic activities and have not stagnated.

Ali Akbar Nasiri, CEO of Naqsh Jahan Industrial Company, was selected and honored by the Industry Association as one of the 10 leading managers of the industry in this national conference.